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Digital Library Card Request

Before You Start

 : Please note that if you already have a library card and are looking to either renew or replace your library card you will need to come into the main library branch in Walterboro :

: Please only submit a registration form if you are looking to get a temporary, digital access only library card. After registering you may come into the main library branch and complete your registration to pick up your physical library card and gain full library privileges :

: Only adults may apply for a temporary card at this time :

How to Receive a Temporary, Digital Access Only Library Card:



Stroll down to the registration form below. Your home library branch should already be selected for you. If not, please make sure that Colleton County Library system is selected. Then proceed to fill out ALL of the remaining fields. We must have a phone number or an e-mail address in order to contact you! Once all fields are completed click “Submit Registration.” Someone from the library will contact you shortly.

Things to Know About Your Temporary, Digital Access Only Library Card:


Once you have submitted your registration you will receive either an e-mail or a phone call with your temporary library card number, PIN number, as well as information on how to complete your registration and gain full library privileges.


Temporary library cards expire two months after registration.


Your temporary library card will allow you to access our digital collections, online resources, and to use our computers in our library.

If you have any questions about the temporary library cards please call the library at 843-549-5621.

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